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The Old Town: Vintage Like Europe

10 Jul 2016

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Semarang City has a lot of tourist attraction that you can enjoy when choosing a vacation here, one option you can take is a historical tour. Semarang is one of the cities in Indonesia which has many historical relics, one of which is the Old Town Tourism Area. The Old Town of Semarang is the visualization of the luxury and splendor of European architecture in the past. Not a few of the ancient buildings are magnificent European-style exotic heritage of the Dutch Colonial standing there. Water canals built around the Old Town can still be seen up to now though less well maintained. The Old Town has a nickname as Little Netherland in Indonesia with a separate location with a landscape similar to cities in Europe and surrounded by water canals that make the Old Town like a miniature of the Windmill State.

There is one building that must be visited when you visit the Old Town which that is Gereja Blenduk. Gereja Blenduk is a church with the age over 200 years, the church for the Christians to become a landmark from the Semarang city. The Church whose real name Gereja GPIB Immanuel is named Blenduk by the public because there is a dome at the top of the church between two tower front sides.

Not just Gereja Blenduk there is also Taman Garuda which is located behind the Gereja Blenduk. This place is perfect for you who like photography to find the feel of vintage streets with European-style. Taman Garuda itself began crowded after convening an art festival by the ORArT ORET Community entitled Taman Garuda Art Space. This is done in order Taman Garuda can be an alternative open art space that can add the attracive of the Old City itself.

The Old town itself can be reached about 20 minutes from Ahmad Yani International Airport. How can I surround the place if I do not bring my own car? You do not worry about that, the government of Semarang has prepared a Semarjawi or Semarang Jalan-Jalan Wisata that is decker bus transportation with an open roof that is able to accommodate passengers up to 40 people each time around. The Bus with red shades has design like a tram in Europe, it is very interesting both local and foreign travelers. The bus is operated by PT. Telekomunikasi Seluler since it was inaugurated by the Mayor of Semarang on 28 October 2014.

When can I use this transportation? Semarjawi operates every day with the specific departure time for Monday to Thursday will operate between 18.00 to 20.00, and on Friday will operate at 16.00-21.00, and on Saturday-Sunday at 08.00-10.00 and 15.00-21.00, the operational time of Semarjawi may change at any time, the rates charged Monday to Friday Rp 10,000 and Saturday to Sunday of Rp 15,000. So how do I get my ticket? To purchase the tickets you can book tickets in advance through the official website Semarjawi at www.semarjawi.com or you can go directly to service center and bus information of Semarjawi at Retro Caf Jl. Garuda 09 Kota Lama Semarang.