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16 Jul 2016

Umbul Sidomukti Natural Attractions

Talking about Semarang City, it feels incomplete when you visiting for business purposes only. Lots of options to relieve tired moment with vacation and traveled in Semarang. There are many options of tourism here such as historical tour, marine tour, as well as natural attractions and much more. One of the attractions you must visit is the natural attraction Umbul Sidomukti. Why should there? Let’s browse for what of kind the Umbul Sidomukti...

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13 Jul 2016

Marina Beach

Marina Beach is one of the beach park recreations in the Semarang City...

10 Jul 2016

The Old Town: Vintage Like Europe

Semarang City has a lot of tourist attraction that you can enjoy when ...

11 Feb 2014

Gereja Blenduk

Gereja Blenduk (kadang-kadang dieja Gereja Blendug dan seringkali dila...

07 Feb 2014

Lawang Sewu

Lawang Sewu merupakan sebuah bangunan kuno peninggalan jaman belanda y...