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Marina Beach

13 Jul 2016

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Marina Beach is one of the beach park recreations in the Semarang City. It is located adjacent to the arena PRPP and Mareokoco, after housing Puri Anjasmoro Semarang, Kecamatan Semarang Utara. Marina beach is actually a beach reclamation result (backfill) in area of Semarang city, which was a pond and mangrove area. Then it changed to housing, shop and office area. While the rest of the section next to the north end of the beach is made in such a way created a barrier beach comfortable to sit and relax.

The barrier of beach in Marina serves as a breakwater. Breakwater is infrastructure built to solve the waves, by absorbing some of energy of the waves. The breakwater is used to control the abrasion which eroded the shoreline, and also functioned to calm the waves in ports, so that the ship can be docked in ports more easily and quickly.

On this beach visitors can take a boat around the beach, playing racing cars, playing water with tires, fishing or just relaxing rest while enjoying the beauty of the beach and waves in the gazebo provided. Marina beach is equipped with swimming pool, water sky and speed boats as well as children's playground facilities. The beauty of this beach is able to present the beautiful panorama captivating to those who visit it. Many visitors who come in the morning to enjoy a relaxing jogging and also the visit in the evenings enjoying the gentle evening breeze accompanied by warm coffee or cappuccino and grilled fish and roasted corn.

It is no less exciting, tourists can buy and taste a variety of fresh seafood dishes sold alongside a road leading to the beach at affordable price sold by a family of fishermen. Culinary tourism in this beach average serves seafood dishes such as shrimp, fish, squid, crabs and other marine animals obtained from the fishermen in nearby Marina Beach Semarang.


Photo: http://inspiringfortraveller.blogspot.co.id/2014/08/the-charm-of-marina-beach-semarang.html